Jewellery care

All EXIS Silver Jewellery jewelry is made of 925 platinum plated silver, which does not tan and does not contain nickel to cause allergies. Each piece of jewelry is unique and needs care to be kept shiny and beautiful over time.

– We remove our jewelry when we exercise, because sweat alters their shine.
– Avoid contact with seawater or chlorine.
– Remove jewelry when using creams, soaps, hairspray, cosmetics and perfume.
– Do not forget to take off the jewelry before going to sleep, because they can be cut.
– When we do housework, we do not forget to take off our jewelry and avoid contact with detergents.
– We store each piece of jewelry in a separate package so that it is not scratched or messed up with another piece of jewelry.

We love and care for our jewelry just like ourselves!